9% - 15% CBD


Very dynamic plant that can reach heights of 10 feet, citrus terpenes, early finisher mid-late September. Extreme resin production hardy to low temperatures.


This strain has been developed to produce a high CBD very low THC varietal, it has been developed over a 5 year period utilizing a wild hemp variety that has then been crossed and back crossed multiple times per year for 5 years with a stable high CBD variety SCBDX 4.


A lengthy phenotype selection process has been utilized to create a higher yielding with greater flowering structure and high terpene profile.


This particular strain has been tested at multiple sites between 37 degrees N and 48 degrees N and has flourished everywhere it has been trialed, it is productive and able to tolerate both extreme heat and extreme cold.


There have been no known instances of pest, herbicide or disease issues and it has shown great resistance to ‘southern blight’.


The plant is easily identifiable in the field compared to current hemp strains due to the height and huge flower structure of the strain, it is very tall but has a great many flower sites, which produce very large colas with an intense peach/citrus smell.


Yield per plant: Up to 5.5lbs


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